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Pages of My Life preserves the memories of your loved ones.

Memories are priceless.

Give them the gift of a lifetime! Their life story captured in a custom keepsake book!

How This Works

Developed with a doctor, we provide a set of 400+ personal lifetime questions.


Place Order

You'll get an easy-to-use USB thumb drive/recorder containing the simple instructions and 400+ interview questions.


Record Answers

Go through the questions and verbally record your answers on the USB recorder. You can use all or some of the questions provided, or you can make up your own.



Return the USB stick in the postage paid envelope. Using our special process, we transform the recordings into a book.


Get Your Book

In a short time, you'll receive a beautiful, hard-back, book; a treasury of their life’s memories so that your family will have them preserved forever. You'll also get the USB stick containing all the recordings and a PDF version of the book.

USB Thumb Drive / Recorder

USB Thumb Drive / Recorder Info

16 gigabytes.

20 hour battery life.

One hour recharging time.

90 hours total recording time.  

On-off recording switch.

"ON" red light signal when unit is ready to record.

Compatible with Windows and Apple computers. 


“Memory is the scribe of the soul!”



Pages of My Life

Order Yours Today!

Total cost is $480, paid in 2 installments. The 1st installment, paid now, is $240 (this is non-refundable). We send you the USB stick with instructions and the questions, postage paid.

You make the recordings and return the USB stick to us in the postage paid, return envelope. We notify you when the book is finished (usually 7-10 days, or sooner).

You pay the 2nd installment of $240 and we send you the finished hard-back book and the USB stick containing a PDF of the book and all of your recordings. 

The color book cover is included (you provide the photo). To add other picture pages in the book, add $5 each for as many picture pages as you would like. You may also purchase additional copies of the book—please contact us for pricing.

$240 now + $240 at completion